Two Brave Souls, Set Adrift in a Basketball-less World, Hockey Will Save Our Souls

Just Another Day at the Office

That's Cool. I didn't like where my nose was anyway...

With an NBA lockout an almost certitude, two NBA aficionados were left roaming the world of sports aimlessly. That is, until one day, Brett and Bob uncovered what (they hope) will become their new second favorite sport: hockey.

The hockey season always ran parallel to the NBA season, so these two orangeball lovers had never even watched a game. That would soon change. Brett and Bob devoured all they could about the mysterious sport. “Fighting? They are fighting? And the refs aren’t stopping it?” Brett asked Bob, as both sat in awe at what was perhaps the greatest display of manliness they had ever experienced. “Why didn’t we start watching this sooner?

At this point in time, these two basketball refugees are still trying to get a handle on the nuances of the sport (seriously, what the fuck is icing?) They are making progress. They have decided to root for the newly minted Winnipeg Jets and already have strong feelings about a lot of the other teams in the league (fuck the Bruins, am I right?) This is a catalog of their thoughts and ramblings about the manliest show on ice as seen through the only lens they know, by drawing parallels with basketball. If you’re a fan of the orangeball, a fan of hockey, or just like humorous sports writing in the vein of Grantland, this is the place for you.

Invite your friends, pull on the skates, maybe pop out a couple of your front teeth, and get ready for the 2011-2012 NHL season with two clueless basketball junkies trying to make it in a basketball-less world.

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3 thoughts on “Two Brave Souls, Set Adrift in a Basketball-less World, Hockey Will Save Our Souls

  1. Ya figure out icing yet?? If not, I gotcha on this one…

    • Bob Gurnett says:

      We have our best investigative reporter on the job. He is undercover with a certain hockey team whose home town may or may not have burnt down their city because of a hockey game last year. We haven’t heard from him for a while though, so he may have been flipped. Or set on fire. We can’t be sure.

  2. Katie says:

    So — it took basketball going away for you to decide to start a blog – and about hockey of all things!!! Welcome to the blogosphere!

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