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Gill has something to chew on...

What’s happening tonight, NHL? Huh? You’re about to tell me? KTHX!

-Gill set for 1,000th career game
Tonight, when the Montreal Canadians play at the Pittsburgh Penguins, Hal Gill will be playing in his 1,000th career game. He started his journey in 1997 with the Boston Bruins, during which his coach at the time, the late Pat Burns, told him that if it was up to him, he’d cut the defenseman. In 2009, Gill hoisted the Cup with the Penguins.  It’s a fitting place for Gill to reach another milestone.

-Cammalleri returns to ice versus Penguins tonight
Montreal welcomes back forward Michael Cammalleri tonight from a deep thigh laceration he suffered Oct. 9th at Winnipeg. Before getting hurt, Cammalleri did score a goal against the Jets, and the struggling Canadians could really use the forwards help.  The team has gained only one point, going 0-2-1 while he’s been hurt.

-MTG acquires NHL distribution rights
The NHL and the Modern Times Group (MTG) reached a multi-year agreement that will allow NHL games to be broadcasted live throughout the Nordic region (including Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway). Currently 10 percent of the players in the NHL hail from this region. The league has strong ties with the area, having opened the season with games in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Tonight’s Games

Toronto Maple Leafs (4-0-1, 9pts) @ Boston Bruins (2-4-0, 4pts), 6 pm
Washington Capitals (5-0-0, 10pts) @ Philadelphia Flyers (4-0-1, 9pts), 6 pm NHL Network
Montreal Canadians (1-3-1, 3pts) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (4-2-2, 10pts), 6 pm
Winnipeg Jets (1-3-1, 3pts) @ Ottawa Senators (1-5-0, 2pts), 6:30 pm
New York Islanders (3-1-0, 6pts) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (1-3-2, 4pts), 6:30 pm
Buffalo Sabres (4-1-0, 8pts) @ Florida Panthers (3-2-0, 6pts), 6:30 pm
Chicago Blackhawks (3-1-1, 7pts) @ Colorado Avalanche (5-1-0, 10pts), 8 pm
New York Rangers (1-1-2, 4pts) @ Calgary Flames (2-3-0, 4pts), 8:30 pm
Minnesota Wild (2-2-2, 6pts) @ Edmonton Oilers (2-2-1, 5pts), 8:30 pm
Nashville Predators (2-2-1, 5pts) @ Vancouver Canucks (2-3-1, 5pts), 9 pm
Los Angeles Kings (3-1-1, 7pts) @ Phoenix Coyotes (2-2-1, 5pts), 9 pm

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