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HOCKEY POWER! See where your team lives in this week’s rankings.






1. (2)

Washington Capitals 7-0-0 Wins over the Flyers and Red Wings this week have erased any doubts that the Capitals are the team to beat so far.  Plus, with Ovi scoring two against the Flyers and 2 assists against the Red Wings, things are only looking to get better.

2. (1)

Detroit Red Wings


We said last week that it was going to take some special hockey to beat this team, and it did. 7 goals from a red hot Caps team will do it.

3. (5)

Colorado Avalanche


We know this is high (which seems fitting), but the Avs are on fire.  HOWEVER, we are worried that 4 of their 6 wins have come in extra time.

4. (6)

Pittsburgh Penguins


After inexplicably giving the Jets their first win (GO JETS!), the Penguins have won 3 straight. Also, Pittsburgh fans have to be over the moon that James Neal is the co-leader of goals scored (8) on the young season.

5. (12)

Toronto Maple Leafs


Their comeback last week against an improving Jets team was a thing of beauty. We can’t gush about Kessel enough (8 G, 14 pts). Is Toronto for real?

6. (17)

Los Angeles Kings



Is there a better goalie than Jonathan Quick? In 6 games, these are his numbers. 5-0-1, SV%.972, and 3 shutouts. (Also, he’s got a great sports name)

7. (7)

Dallas Stars


Other than beating Chicago, this team doesn’t have any quality wins. So, they’re going to stay put this week.

8. (8)

Chicago Blackhawks


Same old, same old. Consistent and terrifying.

9. (4)


The shutout handed to them by Tampa Bay last week still doesn’t feel right.  Look for them to get revenge on Tuesday, when they play again.

10. (3)

 Philadelphia Flyers


Two straight losses could quickly turn into three tonight against Toronto.  How strange is it that Claude Giroux has 5 goals and 3 assists but a +/- of -3?

11. (10)

Minnesota Wild


Really, there’s no way we’re letting Vancouver sniff the top ten after they started out so slowly. You’re welcome Minnesota. Be wild.  Be wild.

12. (17)

Vancouver Canucks


To be fair, Vancouver beat the Wild.  And their losses have come against Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the Rangers.  TOUGH schedule.  Except… did we mention they lost to the RANGERS! Until Vancouver can beat elite teams, like THE RANGERS, they aren’t getting into the top ten.  I don’t care what their record says.  THE RANGERS? COME ON!

13. (9)

Anaheim Ducks


They’ve been sliding a little, giving up 5 goals to Phoenix. Don’t get mad, but I’m predicting they give Columbus it’s first win of the season when they meet on Sunday.

14. (11)

New Jersey Devils


In both of their games this week, they gave up 4 goals. No one can win with with defense and goalkeeping like that.

15. (19)

St. Louis Blues


This team keeps surprising us. 7 guys have scored 2 or more goals. We like that.

16. (16)

Florida Panthers


This seems about right.

17. (18)

Carolina Hurricanes


1-1-1 each week is not going to get it done.  But they are tied for second in the Southeast (with almost everyone else).

18. (15)

Nashville Predators


Nashville lost four in a row but stopped the bleeding with a 2-0 win over the Flames.

19. (23)

 Tampa Bay Lightning


2 dominant wins have Tampa Bay playing like they should. If they can get Buffalo again, they could be right in the mix.

20. (24)

Edmonton Oilers



21. (10)

Boston Bruins


Still haven’t won 2 in a row.

22. (25)

Phoenix Coyotes


Quality win against the Ducks, but if Phoenix wants to change their culture, they’ve got to make wins not feel like flukes.

23. (14)

 New York Islanders


Islanders are about to lose three in a row. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, San Jose… brace for impact.

24. (26)

Ottawa Senators


Ottawa can score the puck and are great on the power play.  This will keep opponents honest, even if it doesn’t translate to wins.

25. (20)

San Jose Sharks


San Jose is better than this… But their record isn’t.

26. (29)

Winnipeg Jets


Did anyone have a better week than the Jets? Their 2-1-1 performance was bigger than it seems. They beat the Penguins for their first win (at home!) and then backed it up with two more strong showings. Let’s hope they’ve calmed down from their emotional start and can turn into THIS team.

27. (27)

New York Rangers 


Two wins, but still a disappointing start. The Rangers have a light schedule this week; look for them to move up.

28. (26)

Calgary Flames


I was wrong when I said the Flames would beat the Rangers last week, but they did take them to OT.  And if they could have stopped Ryan McDonagh with 2 seconds left, they just might have won in the shootout. Those kinds of mistakes are keeping the Flames down.

29. (22)

Montréal Canadiens


The Habs (no idea why they are called that) still haven’t won at home.  Even though it’s early, is Jacques Martin’s job in jeopardy?

30. (30)

Columbus Blue Jackets


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