B-B-B-Bieber and the Jets

From NBA ALL-Star Celebrity Game MVP... To NHL Fanboy

Justin Bieber is yet another NHL convert. And while us folks here at What the Hell is Icing are enthusiastic about any fan, we have to say it’s a little too convenient that Bieber is supporting the Jets.  The NBA, The Jets, swoopy hair, pop-music, Selena Gomez, lesbian haircuts… Bieber is stealing everything we care about.

But, then again, every NBA refugee needs somebody to love, and as the unofficial spokesmen for the Winnipeg Jets, Bieber, welcome to the club.

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2 thoughts on “B-B-B-Bieber and the Jets

  1. Jen says:

    Bieber is Canadian. Don’t they skate before they walk? I’m sure he’s not a convert. He’s just coming-out in the open. I’m all for it, though!

  2. We know! But, he’s from Ontario. Why not support Ottawa or Toronto? Suspicious, no? The only logical conclusion is that he’s following us.

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