Halloween Create-a-Caption: Zdeno Chara is a Bunny

Time for our first Create-A-Caption. This is where we get lazy and make you, our noble readers, create content for us! Best caption gets a high five and a pair of Brett’s underwear in the mail. Leave your caption in the comments.

What child doesn't like to wake up to being waved to by a 7 foot tall pink bunny?

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13 thoughts on “Halloween Create-a-Caption: Zdeno Chara is a Bunny

  1. CaptainFarts says:

    CaptainFarts (excellent name) from Reddit:

    Wake up, Donnie.

  2. Kyle Blohn says:

    Wrong room, sir. Jimmy Stewart is in room 319, down the hall.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Right through here, Mr. Chara. Your mid-afternoon snack is ready.

  4. Zach says:

    Pedobunny lures you in with promises of chocolate eggs and jelly bean dreams… But instead you’re left with anal rape and the clap.

  5. lonmonster says:

    He’s here to “Patch” you up.

  6. C says:

    This is what real life is like, Johnny. This is how scary life is.

    That’s why it’s ok to die.

    • Venado says:

      I worked for the Livoti Brothers from 1969 tgourhh 1978. Finer men never lived. My dad died in 1963 and Johnny, Phillip and Andrew taught me all that I needed to know in life.From Andrew, I learned to be kind but to always hold your ground if you know you are right.From Phillip, I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and that friends mean everything. All of those Saturday afternoons riding in the Dodge delivering chickens are some of my fondest memories. I used to wonder why I had to put my tips in the ashtray on the dash till the day I found out that Philly was adding a few dollars, especially on days when the tips were light .John, I loved that man. He taught me to hunt and fish and how to keep my head under all circumstances. He showed me that it was better to be honest and respected than a show off. For what its worth, I still think of the days I spent with the Livoti’s. Driving to Pennsylvania with Philly in that old International, stopping along the turnpike to jump a fence and pick some fresh corn . To me Thanksgiving has never been the same as when I was a kid. We would go to the Malarchuck (sp) farm and hunt deer, then feast on fresh milk, and more food than 20 could eat. I loved that farm and the summers hunting woodchucks sleeping in the loft.To me the Livoti’s were princes among men and I thank God for having known them and pray that they are enjoying their rest. I know one day we will all meet in Heaven and I will bet my last nickel that when we meet again it will be as if we’d never said goodbye when I left Brooklyn ..With Love and Devotion,Paul Walker, formerly known as Paul Gay

  7. Anonymous says:

    I heard my buddy Max is staying here. I just wanted to stop by and finish what I started… in a bunny suit.

    • Romina says:

      My uncle was John Livoti who own and ran the Livoti Chicken Market until he died at 99. My entire cehldrin growing up in Bensonhurt, and going to the chicken market with my uncle to work delivery the chickens and cleaning the market. I also remember the area being nothing but sand dunes between the chicken market and the train yard.Thanks so much for finding these adds.Joe Livoti

  8. Silentwes says:

    “he looks like a pink nightmare” -A Christmas Story.

  9. Katie says:

    Oh Honey, I think Momma took some of your drugs — I see the pink bunny too!

  10. […] “Pink Nightmare” Chara – Chara consistently tries to murder people on the ice. Just ask Max Pacioretty. This […]

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