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JETS fall, but not allllllllllllll the way down

  –          Sid the Kid watch continues
Pittsburgh Penguins coach Dan Bylsma says that Sidney Crosby will not play this week. Sorry for everyone who has tickets for games against Dallas (Friday) and Carolina (Saturday).

–          In hindsight the Jets had an OK road trip
Credit to the Winnipeg Jets for their 3-2-2 seven game, 13 day road trip record. The Jets collected eight of a possible 14 points which, lets be fair, not bad considering the competition (though they totally gave some games away).

Tonight’s Games

Edmonton Oilers (9-3-2, 20pts) @ Boston Bruins (6-7-0, 12pts), 6 pm
Chicago Blackhawks (8-4-3, 19pts) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (2-11-1, 5pts), 6 pm
Toronto Maple Leafs (9-5-1, 19pts) @ St. Louis Blues (7-7-0, 14pts), 7 pm
Florida Panthers (7-4-3, 17pts) @ Winnipeg Jets (5-7-3, 13pts), 7:30 pm
New York Islanders (4-6-2, 10pts) @ Colorado Avalanche (7-7-1, 15pts), 8 pm
Montreal Canadians (5-7-2, 12pts) @ Phoenix Coyotes (7-4-2, 16pts), 8 pm
Vancouver Canucks (7-7-1, 15pts) @ Los Angeles Kings (7-5-3, 17pts), 9:30 pm
Minnesota Wild (8-3-3, 19pts) @ San Jose Sharks (8-4-1, 17pts), 9:30 pm

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