Create-a-Caption: Because it’s Wednesday

Time for another Create-A-Caption. In this week’s installment, Mike Smith and David Schlemko find something mysterious on the ice.

Woooooooow! Can I keep it???

Best comment receives half of Vamosi’s Beanie Baby collection and a coupon for a free shake at the Steak and Shake (expired October 31st, 2009.)

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9 thoughts on “Create-a-Caption: Because it’s Wednesday

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh mah gawd, where did you get your nails done?

  2. No Fair! You never told me we could bring our own slammers to the Pog Tourney!!!

  3. Kevin says:

    Careful Davy, it might bite!

  4. CaptainFarts says:

    The Palantir is not a toy, Saruman.

  5. Sebastian Frohm says:

    I saw it first! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

  6. Mike Vamosi says:

    Alright whoever covers up the puck owns the team

  7. Gijs says:

    “I’ll rock-paper-scissor you for it! 3..2..1..”

  8. Kenton Anderson says:

    You can look, but don’t touch. One must not disturb the ecosystem of a puck in its natural habitat.

  9. […] dinner (the end of Sid Watch will be number one). After the break, last week’s winner(s.) Last week, Mike Smith and David Schlemko found something on the […]

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