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Craig Smith biffs it, everybody is injured, and Sid Crosby is never playing again.  That and tonight’s games.

–          Nabby and Jagr OUT!
As reported by WTHII (and others) Evgeni Nabokov is out infinitely with a groin injury suffered last night against the ‘Habs. Jaromir Jagr left last night’s game against Phoenix with a undisclosed lower-body injury.

–          How open was Craig Smith?
Here is your WTHII video of the day http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?hdpid=49&id=135907

–          WTHII Sid the Kid Watch
As a blog we promise to let you know what Sidney Crosby is doing day and night…and the team confirms that he won’t play Saturday against the Panthers. The next game after for the ‘Pens is Monday against the Islanders in Pittsburgh. Stay tuned…

–          Late night Thursday hockey
Being the recapped for this blog I didn’t stay up for the finals in Anaheim or San Jose (I apologize to you the readers). San Jose won 5-2 against the Red Wings which is the second time they’ve beaten Detroit this season (I finally starting to believe, is that dangerous of me?). Mike Richards scored the first and last goal in the Kings 5-3 victory over the Ducks.

Tonight’s Games

Buffalo Sabres (11-7-0, 22pts) @ Carolina Hurricanes (6-10-3, 15pts), 6 pm
Dallas Stars (11-6-0, 22pts) @ Colorado Avalanche (8-10-1, 17pts), 8 pm
Chicago Flames (12-4-3, 27pts) @ Calgary Flames (7-9-1, 15pts), 8 pm

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