C’mon Son!

This weekend featured Jim Slater, shorthanded, flipping the puck over Chris Pronger (essentially passing to himself) then putting in the goal. I freaked out, because it was the Jets, because it was SHORTHANDED, and because it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my first month as a hockey fan. So, I started thinking about other pass-to-yourself-and-score situations. And Kobe sprang to mind. What do you think, whose do you like better?  Let us know in the comments section.


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5 thoughts on “C’mon Son!

  1. Jim Slater’s was way more impressive. He actually had to overcome a technical imposition (offside) to continue attacking and he was short handed in a game that traditionally depends more on team play than basketball.

    Plus, Kobe caught the defense completely off-guard with a trick move then finished up with a high percentage shot.

    This blog continues to prove to me Hockey > Basketball.

  2. Danny Schwartz says:

    This is a nice one, but the best i’ve seen is Ovechkin banking it off the boards, spinning to beat the defender and putting it in while falling down… hockey>basketball…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bryant is unequivocally the superior athlete in their respective sports, but it takes a greater deal of skill to put on a show with skates and a wooden stick; for the same reasons and others such as a more open playing field, there are still greater possibilities to create amazing plays.

    That’s why I love hockey more than any other sport

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