NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

Look who is posing for his back to school picture

Crosby, Stars’ new owner, and all of tonight’s games.

–          Happy Crosby Day!
Tonight on Versus, Sidney Crosby will unleash the fury of a 1000 suns upon the NY Islanders!

–          Stars unveil new owner, how dare they try and steal from Crosby day
Tom Gaglardi, a 43-year old businessman from Vancouver, was introduced as the Dallas Stars new owner.

–          If you look good than you play good
We at WTHII feel the Wild have the best sweaters in the game, and they now lead the league in points. To answer your questions, no, we’re not surprised.

–          Flyers show off their Winter Classic duds
On Monday the needy half of Pennsylvania (aka Philadelphia) made a “look at us” plea by showing everyone the sweet sweaters they’ll be wearing on New Year’s Day against the Rangers. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=602537

Tonight’s Games

Carolina Hurricanes (7-11-3, 17pts) @ Philadelphia Flyers (11-5-3, 25pts), 6 pm
New York Islanders (5-9-3, 13pts) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (11-6-3, 25pts), 6 pm VERSUS
Phoenix Coyotes (10-5-3, 23pts) @ Washington Capitals (10-7-1, 21pts), 6 pm
Calgary Flames (8-9-1, 17pts) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (4-13-2, 10pts), 6 pm
Boston Bruins (11-7-0, 22pts) @ Montreal Canadians (9-8-3, 21pts), 6:30 pm
New Jersey Devils (10-7-1, 21pts) @ Florida Panthers (10-6-3, 23pts), 6:30 pm
Edmonton Oilers (10-7-2, 22pts) @ Dallas Stars (11-8-0, 22pts), 7:30 pm

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3 thoughts on “NHL Daily Table Setting

  1. Jon says:

    I am not among the 1% of hockey fans who care’s about Crosby, yet he’s the topic of 99% of the hockey coverage on NHL.com and ESPN.com.

    I am the 99%.

    Occupy the ice.

    Now please shut up about Crosby.

  2. Dave says:

    Sounds like a belligerent Islanders fan.

    You can’t deny he is the face of the modern NHL.

  3. Jon says:

    Nope, Kings fan.

    He was the face, when he was playing. I don’t think he has the right to dominate the news coverage when he’s out for basically an entire season.

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