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Hell Yeah


Week Seven: It’s wild.






Minnesota Wild 12-5-3 With the best defense in the league (giving up 2.0 GPG), the Minnesota Wild are the best team in the NHL.  Welcome to Bobby’s World.


Pittsburgh Penguins


Everyone is back. Mark your calendar for Dec. 1st.


Chicago Blackhawks 


Chicago is 29th in penalty killing, come playoff time, that’s going to get this team killed.  Work to do in the Windy City.


Nashville Predators


Flukes happen, but if the Predators want to stay in the top five, they can’t lose easy games (like they just did to the BJs).



San Jose Sharks


They’ve won 5 of their last 6 and each by at least 2 goals.
 6(10) Buffalo Sabres  12-8-0 Buffalo is starting to let the Northeast get away, but look for them to bounce back this week.

Boston Bruins

12-7-0 Be prepared. Seguin looks like an all-star.

New York Rangers


The next four games will tell us how good the Rangers really are.



Radim Vrbata has 9 goals.No one on this team is yet in double figures. Phoenix is playing great hockey, but who’s going to score?
10(5) Edmonton Oilers 10-8-2 Lost 5 of their last 6… but man, that 9-2 win against Chicago was fun to watch.
11(12) Florida Panthers 11-6-3 20 games in and Florida is leading the Southeast. Brian Campbell is averaging almost 27 ATOI… them’s Iverson numbers.

Toronto Maple Leafs 

11-8-2 Love Kessel, and want him to get to 60 goals, but this team is starting to fade.
13(14) Los Angeles Kings 10-7-3 Tuesday night I’m really excited to see the Kings vs. St. Louis… never would have thought I’d say that two months ago. (also, never thought I’d be watching hockey two months ago)
14(8) Detroit Red Wings 11-7-1 Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Detroit supposed to be the paradigm of consistency? This team wins and looses in bunches.
15(24)  St. Louis Blues 10-7-2 New coach, Brian Elliott, however you slice it, the St. Louis Blues are a different team.

Dallas Stars

12-8-0 We cursed Dallas by making them number one.

Philadelphia Flyers

11-6-3 Jets spanked ’em… again.
18(3)  Washington Capitals 11-7-1 A friend told me that the wheels just abruptly fall off power-forwards. Certainly not at 26. Right? Tracy McGrady?

Ottawa Senators

10-9-2 Ottawa is killing this road trip. 3-1-1.

New Jersey Devils

10-8-1 Will Zach Parise get back to being a 30+ goal scorer?  They need him.

Montréal Canadiens

9-9-3 Last year’s 44 wins are starting to seem like a mirage.
22(28)  Winnipeg Jets 8-9-3 The Jets have rattled off three straight wins against Tampa Bay, Washington, and Philadelphia.
23(16)  Tampa Bay Lightning 9-8-2 Stamkos is off to a good start, but the Lightning are struggling to get over .500.
24(19) Vancouver Canucks 10-9-1 Whatever.
25(22) Colorado Avalanche 9-11-1 Great on the power play, terrible at everything else.
26(25) Calgary Flames 8-10-1 Going to lose four straight. No aid coming until they play the BJs.
27(26) Carolina Hurricanes 8-11-3 In his second year, Jeff Skinner is leading the team in EVERYTHING.
28(27) Anaheim Ducks  6-10-4 Anyone good in the draft?
29(29) New York Islanders 5-10-3 The Islanders are starting to give way to Columbus for last place.

Columbus Blue Jackets

5-13-2 By this time next week, the BJs might be on the rise.
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