Create-a-Caption: Balloon Boy Edition

In this week’s installment, Jason LaBarbera loses the balloon his mom got him and she refuses to buy him another one.

I'll Never Forget You

Best comment wins a spot on the list of things we are thankful for at the WTHII Thanksgiving dinner (the end of Sid Watch will be number one). After the break, last week’s winner(s.)
Last week, Mike Smith and David Schlemko found something on the ice.

1st Place Number One Cool Guy:
“You can look, but don’t touch. One must not disturb the ecosystem of a puck in its natural habitat.” – Kenton Anderson

Honorable Mentions:
“No Fair! You never told me we could bring our own slammers to the Pog Tourney!!!” – Jordan (We literally squeeled at the sight of a Pog reference.)

“The Palantir is not a toy, Saruman.” – Captain Farts (Name the movie and you win a free copy of Coping With Being An Adult Virgin.)

“Oh mah gawd, where did you get your nails done?” – Kelly

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17 thoughts on “Create-a-Caption: Balloon Boy Edition

  1. Jason’s first day with the FAA was NOT off to a good start.

  2. Mike Vamosi says:

    I could get that balloon if I didn’t have these stupid goalie stick and gloves on.

  3. Erik says:

    New leauge procedure: wherever the ballon lands, that’s where the yotes are moving.

  4. saintstryfe says:

    “Le ballon est la tristesse. Toutes choses doivent prendre fin. Si triste, si triste, si triste … l’ennui!” (Trans: The balloon is sadness. All things must end. So sad, so sad, so very sad… ennui!)

  5. Kenton Anderson says:

    “It’s okay Jason. I cried during ‘Up’, too”

  6. Evan says:

    I found it. The elusive 100th luftballon ……

  7. tRAMILTON says:

    Mom: “See Jason this is why you can never have nice things!”

  8. Jonathan B says:

    Curious to what this new creature is, the cautious goalie pokes the red floater with a stick.

  9. Adam says:

    Jason LaBarbera’s ill-fated escape attempt from Phoenix.

  10. Homsie says:

    shouldnt have let biznasty convince me to take that half tab of lsd.

  11. markt says:

    At least it’s not in the net… this time.

  12. zikro says:

    Up, up, & away: just like Luongo’s save pct.

  13. Joshua says:

    If you truly love something, you must let it go and hope it comes back to you. Goodbye my love!

  14. Katie says:

    I show my team I don’t have ADD, I’ll pay close attention to the game, I know I can do … Oh, look a balloon!

  15. Gijs says:

    [commentator voice] “LaBarbera reaches for the 4-hole, it gets by him! … meanwhile on the other side of the rink the Coyotes get called for icing.”

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