Breaking News: Ducks are trading in Randy Carlyle for his slightly zanier twin, Bruce

Really, you're replacing me with him?

After winning the Anaheim Ducks the Stanley Cup in 2007, Randy Carlyle has been given the boot. General manager Bob Murray delivered the deathblow (which Carlyle had NO IDEA was coming… but he totally should have). He is being replaced by his evil twin, Bruce Boudreau.  The rhetoric in this one is pretty funny, though not for Carlyle. (Get the full story after the break.)

“This was an extremely difficult decision,” Murray said. But, of course, it wasn’t.  Boudreau had been on the market for only 2 days, before the Ducks organized and executed their coaching switcheroo. But to be fair, even though Carlyle had just coached the Ducks to a 4-1 victory, the Ducks have just stunk since the second week of the season, going 4-16 in their last 20.

The only thing that suprizes us at WTHII headquarters, is that the Ducks announced it at all.  Since Randy and Bruce are clearly twins, we would have just made the change and waited to see if anyone noticed. Beware of your doppelgangers, folks. They will try to kill you and take your job.

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