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Bruins take down Penguins but can they catch the Wild?

Week nine: Where we apologize profusely for missing week 8, but blame our extreme laziness and lack of interest on Bruce Boudreau.






Minnesota Wild 17-7-3 They just keep winning.  4 straight and counting.


Boston Bruins


Monday’s physical (read sometimes dirty) win against the Penguins had a playoff atmosphere.

Pittsburgh Penguins


It took two fights against Boston to wake these guys up.

Chicago Blackhawks 


First place in the Central division, and Toews is lighting it up.



New York Rangers


The Rangers have won 5 straight and 8 of their last 10. What idiot would have ever thought the Islanders would be the team to beat in NY?
6(14)  Detroit Red Wings 16-8-1 Jimmy Howard has a GAA of 1.83.  That’s good enough for second best in the league.
7(11) Florida Panthers 16-8-1 1st in the southeast, 7th in our hearts.

 St. Louis Blues


David Payne must feel like such a tool.



I could only hate on them for so long.  The Flyers are pretty sick. They’re first in GPG.

10(24)  Vancouver Canucks 15-10-1 The Canucks are better on the road this year than they are at home. Probably because they’re afraid to play there.
11(16) Dallas Stars 15-10-1 Believe it or not, Dallas has a differential of -3.

Los Angeles Kings

13-9-4 Good test this Thursday against the Wild. On my shortlist for game of the week.
13(5) San Jose Sharks 14-8-1 Sharks could lose their next four.  Watch out!
14(6) Buffalo Sabres 14-11-1 Ryan Miller got the win in his return from a concussion. Maybe he’s the spark the Sabres need to get back on track.
15(12) Toronto Maple Leafs  14-10-2 Toronto is slipping. Can James Reimer get back to form?

Phoenix Coyotes

14-9-3 I just watched Vrbata score in the shootout against Chicago.  I love him.

Edmonton Oilers

13-11-3 I can’t stop thinking about Warren Moon. That dude was SICK.
18(4) Nashville Predators 12-10-4 Biggest loser.

 Winnipeg Jets

11-11-4 Listen, the Jets may make the playoffs. Evander Kane is on a roll right now.

Colorado Avalanche

13-13-1 Solid wins against St. Louis and Detroit have got the AVS December looking promising.

 Washington Capitals

13-11-1 Looks like old Bruce might have gotten out right in time.
22(21) Montréal Canadiens 11-11-5 P.K. Subban gets in trouble a lot. 35 PIM.
23(19) Ottawa Senators 12-11-3 Ottawa is still last in the league in GA. They are the Phoenix Suns of the NHL.
24(20) New Jersey Devils 12-12-1 My friend Josh called to congratulate me on the Jets beating the Devils.  I responded by rubbing it in his face.
25(26) Calgary Flames 11-13-2 Alex Tanguay could get to 500 career assists this year.
26(23)  Tampa Bay Lightning 11-12-2 Tampa Bay might actually love realignment.
27(29)  New York Islanders 8-11-5 Moulson scored 4 against the Stars. So, that was good.
28(27) Carolina Hurricanes 8-16-4 The Canes have lost 6 straight. That’s the best losing streak going!
29(28) Anaheim Ducks  7-14-5 Over or under 25 wins this year?

Columbus Blue Jackets

7-16-3 Contraction?
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