NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

Wait WTHII knows I'm getting canned! When was LA going to tell me!

Will the next coaching move be soon? Another hit related suspension? Sid and Chara out? Keep reading to find out!

–          Kings to can Terry Murray?
As reported in WTHII weekend recap the Kings might be the next team to fire their coach. (If you haven’t noticed… Vamosi is very pleased with himself for predicting this firing. We’re sure he’ll be talking about it for the next 3 days.)

–          Desjardins to meet with NHL over hit
San Jose’s Andrew Desjardins will meet with the NHL over his boarding penalty of Chicago’s Sami Lepisto Sunday night

–          Sid the Kid Watch
Well let’s start this back up, because it’s happening again. Crosby’s still not sure when he’ll be back. We’re hoping the sequel has a shorter run time than the original.

–          Chara out a week
Zdeno Chara is expected to miss the next three games after suffering a leg injury on Saturday. The Bruins next three games are against the Kings, Ottawa, and Philadelphia.

Tonight’s Game

New Jersey Devils (14-13-1, 29pts) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (12-15-1, 26pts), 6 pm VERSUS

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One thought on “NHL Daily Table Setting

  1. Jon says:

    Terry Murray got officially relieved of his duties this afternoon. As a Kings fan I loved him. Thought he built a great defensively minded system for his player. Shame we couldn’t score to save our lives. As much as it bums me out to see him go, it was time for a change. The assistant coach John Stevens is the interim replacement.

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