NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

Only the Wild can stop the Wild...or awkward celebration from Koivu and Backstrom?

Whats in the water of Pennslyvania? Penguins unable to fly? Kings coaches debut in Boston #Yikes!

–          Head injuries running wild in Pennsylvania!
Claude Giroux, as reported by Brett Duquette, is out with a head injury

–          Malkin and Staal still uncertain
The Penguins Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal still out for the most injured team in the league

–          Kings new coach gets a treat…or not really
John Stevens your first game with LA is at the champs in Boston…good luck, love WTHII

Tonight’s Games

Los Angeles Kings (13-12-4, 30pts) @ Boston Bruins (18-9-1, 37pts), 6 pm
Ottawa Senators (13-13-4, 30pts) @Buffalo Sabres (15-12-2, 32pts), 6 pm
Carolina Hurricanes (9-18-4, 22pts) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (15-11-3, 33pts), 6 pm
Dallas Stars (16-11-1, 33pts) @ New York Rangers (17-6-4, 38pts), 6 pm
Detroit Red Wings (18-9-1, 37pts) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (17-9-4, 38pts), 6 pm
Philadelphia Flyers (18-7-3, 39pts) @ Washington Capitals (15-12-1, 31pts), 6 pm
Vancouver Canucks (18-10-1, 37pts) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (8-17-4, 20pts), 6 pm
New York Islanders (9-12-6, 24pts) @ Montreal Canadians (12-11-7, 31pts), 6:30 pm
New Jersey Devils (15-13-1, 31pts) @ Florida Panthers (16-9-5, 37pts), 6:30 pm
Calgary Flames (14-13-2, 30pts) @ Nashville Predators (14-11-4, 32pts), 7 pm
Minnesota Wild (20-7-3, 43pts) @ Winnipeg Jets (13-12-4, 30pts), 7:30 pm
San Jose Sharks (15-10-2, 32pts) @ Colorado Avalanche (13-16-1, 27pts), 8 pm VERSUS

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