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The Manhatten skyline lit with the opponents colors
Simulations for the Winter Classic, Blackhawks lose in December, and how are the World Juniors going?



–          Spoiler Alert! Winter Classic

EA NHL ’12 did a simulation of Monday’s Winter Classic so click on the link if you want to see the results, http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=608715


–          Blackhawks lose in December

The Los Angeles Kings did what no one else could do in December beat the Chicago Blackhawks, http://www.nhl.com/ice/recap.htm?id=2011020539


–          World Junior update

Here is what’s going on at the World Junior tournament in terms of players, http://www.nhl.com/ice/recap.htm?id=2011020539

Tonight’s Games

Calgary Flames (18-15-4, 40pts) @ New York Islanders (11-17-6, 28pts), 6 pm

Philadelphia Flyers (21-10-4, 46pts) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (21-11-4, 46pts), 6 pm

Toronto Maple Leafs (18-14-4, 40pts) @ Carolina Hurricanes (12-20-6, 30pts), 6 pm

Montreal Canadians (14-16-7, 35pts) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (15-17-3, 33pts), 6:30 pm

Edmonton Oilers (15-17-3, 33pts) @ Minnesota Wild (20-12-6, 46pts), 7 pm

Los Angeles Kings (18-14-5, 41pts) @ Winnipeg Jets (17-14-5, 39pts), 7:30 pm

Columbus Blue Jackets (9-22-5, 23pts) @ Dallas Stars (20-14-1, 41pts), 7:30 pm

Phoenix Coyotes (18-15-4, 40pts) @ Colorado Avalanche (19-18-1, 39pts), 8 pm

Vancouver Canucks (23-12-2, 48pts) @ Anaheim Ducks (10-19-6, 26pts), 9 pm


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