Daily NHL Recap

Montreal beat down Detroit last night 7-2 but at least it was a great looking match-up between original six teams

Only one pre-All Star Game break game which was in Montreal and saw the end of the Red Wings winning streak

Detroit Red Wings 2 at Montreal Canadians 7 – This was the only game last night as the NHL is now in full-ASG break mode. The Habs scored four goals in the first two in the second and their seventh in the third. Detroit didn’t get on the scoreboard until it was 6-0 Montreal, the Canadians ended the ‘Wings seven-game unbeaten streak. David Desharnais scored twice for the home team and Jiri Hudler provided both goals for the visitors.

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2 thoughts on “Daily NHL Recap

  1. Lee says:

    he had no interest to learn dunirg an interview, but I forget his name.Other than that, I think most players have made an effort to use French outside the rink but in the rink there are so many languages being spoken now, so I fail to see why it would be an issue.I would even guess that most guys are communicating in English, since it seems to be the most known language by players.

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