Your Hockey Weekend in Pictures

The first weekend of hockey is in the books and it was a good one. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Patrick Kane Scores the first goal of the 2013-2013 Season

5 on 3 means a goal for meeeee!

First Goal of many for Mr. Kane

More highlights after the break!


The Blackhawks send Mike Smith into full Hulk mode.


Let it out, buddy. Let it aaaaall out.

Harnell and Giroux are up to their old tricks

Oh, this present sucks...

I got you a present!

The prettiest of Vanek’s 5 points against the Flyers

Bryz being Bryz

The net, much like the universe, HUMONGOUS BIG

The Jets fan in me hated this. The hockey fan? Headbutted my monitor with joy.

Mind if I put this right up here?

Erik Karlsson only drinks Top Shelf

Despite a bizarre song choice, the Kings banner raising was an emotional affair.

Like the Staples Center needed more banners…

And finally, Jaromir Jagr hits a wicked milestone.

He may be lying.

Jagr swears he did not sell his soul to the devil for this one.

Those are our favorites from a great weekend of hockey. Which ones did you like? What are some you think we missed?

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