It’s Over Guys – ESPN Calls the Flyers’ Season Done After 3 Bad Games

The sports oracle, ESPN, has declared the Flyer’s season over, unless, of course, it isn’t? A brave assessment by a brave group of “journalists.”

The Flyers Might As Well Forfeit the Rest of the Season

The Flyers should probably just focus on the draft

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Now, I don’t know everything about the NHL, not yet, anyway. But it seems to me that ESPN might be jumping the gun here. The image (above) on their NHL home page hints at a “lost season” after only the first three games. We all know that ESPN exaggerates drama in order to create content. ESPN is the channel that convinced half the nation that Tim Tebow was passable as an American Football Quarterback or that grown men should care about a 20 year old pretending his girlfriend goes to another school. They aren’t just masters of fabricating storylines, they invented the game. But a lost season after three games is far fetched, even for them. Give me a break.  Surely the corresponding article by Scott Burnside, their hockey EXPERT, would calm the waters, right?


An ESPN writer hard at work

“Now, no one loses a playoff berth in the first two weeks of a season, not even a truncated, 48-game season. But with the Flyers struggling out of the gate, this will give Holmgren and coach Peter Laviolette a chance to see who in their fine supporting cast is ready to step forward.”

Great. Thank you Scott. Thanks for focusing on the short term injuries, but also the very big loss of Scott Hartnell. It’s not the greatest start for the Flyers, but calling the season over is just batshit. It would be irresponsibly short sighted to call the season after only 6% of it had been played, right? RIGHT, SCOTT? RIGHT?

This is how his article ends…

“Someone will have to step up in the coming days and help pull the Flyers back onto the track. If they don’t, there’s a good chance we’ll look at these opening days and mark them as the point at which the season was lost.”

There you have it. You can’t lose a playoff berth after the first three games of a season, but you can lose the entire season. Just like ESPN can’t lose any credibility, because it never had any to begin with.

(By the way, the Flyers are only 3 points out of 8th and 5 points out of 1st in the division.)

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6 thoughts on “It’s Over Guys – ESPN Calls the Flyers’ Season Done After 3 Bad Games

  1. Joe says:

    At least the ESPN article wasn’t a write up of a useless article.

  2. bullshit bob says:

    spreading worthless articles around the internet never got anyone anywhere, either.

    • Hi Bullshit Bob. Thanks for reading our blog and making a comment. We’re always interested in what other hockey fans think is relevant and interesting. I wrote this post because I thought it was pretty silly of ESPN to use a bunch of doomsday language after only three games. It seemed a bit quick with the trigger, you know? Being new to hockey, I read ESPN because it is familiar. But I felt my eyes rolling into the back of my head because of all the forced drama. I wondered if anyone else felt the same way I did about the way they covered the sport, so I made this blog post. Other NHL fans have seemed to respond similarly to the overly dramatic hyperbole in the article that I mentioned, and we’ve gotten great feedback from these fans. I’m sorry you didn’t feel similarly, but I hope you can find something else on this site that you think is funny or entertaining.

  3. huberdeau11 says:

    Wow looking back the ESPN article proved to be fairly accurate.

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