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Create a Caption: Snack Time Edition

Good Eats

This week, we take a closer look at the player feeding procedures at the MTS Centre. Ondřej Pavelec of the Winnipeg Jets prefers to eat his snacks live, much like a T-Rex.

Best caption wins the respect of their peers.

After the break, the winners from last week’s C-a-C: Balloon Boy. Continue reading

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Create-a-Caption: Balloon Boy Edition

In this week’s installment, Jason LaBarbera loses the balloon his mom got him and she refuses to buy him another one.

I'll Never Forget You

Best comment wins a spot on the list of things we are thankful for at the WTHII Thanksgiving dinner (the end of Sid Watch will be number one). After the break, last week’s winner(s.)
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EXCLUSIVE: Crosby and Neal Have Heated Argument in Morning Skate

Rare transcript of Sidney Crosby and James Neal Unearthed

Bob and Brett, aided by a super-deluxe spy kit that Brett stole from his office (he’s a children’s book editor), managed to eavesdrop on Sidney Crosby and James Neal’s turbulent conversation after Monday morning’s skate-through.  The following transcript may have a few minor holes, as it was hard to hear over Sidney Crosby’s boombox blasting Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. But rest assured, you’ll get the gist.  READ THE CONVERSATION AFTER THE BREAK!

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Create-a-Caption: Because it’s Wednesday

Time for another Create-A-Caption. In this week’s installment, Mike Smith and David Schlemko find something mysterious on the ice.

Woooooooow! Can I keep it???

Best comment receives half of Vamosi’s Beanie Baby collection and a coupon for a free shake at the Steak and Shake (expired October 31st, 2009.)

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SOUND OFF: Wingers Gone Wild; Lucic Administers Brutal Blow on Ryan Miller

Milan Lucic delivered a devastating strike to Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres. The blow shown in the video above left Ryan Miller concussed and out indefinitely. The Sabres will have to rely on backup Jhonas Enroth and recently promoted Drew MacIntyre. Lucic only received a minor penalty for the hit, but Sabres fans and others around the league are calling for much more.

  • Should hits like this result in a suspension?
  • Should the NHL institute rules that protect goalies from hits like these, much like the NFL protects Quarterbacks?
  • Was this a “gutless” hit or just an example of hard, tough play?

Weigh in after the break, puckheads. UPDATED 4:00pm EST Continue reading

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Is it Racist?

Here is our obligatory Halloween post. This is our first and hopefully last installment of Is It Racist? Halloween Edition.

Before you answer, the correct response is yes. Yes it is. Coyote winger Raffi Torres is WTHII’s second favorite Raffi. Apparently, no one bothered to tell him that dressing in blackface is still considered uncouth and CRAZY offensive.  (But do you see someone is dressed as Steve Nash? We love the SUNS!)

I will see your giant pink bunny and raise you blackface

After the break: Last week’s Create-A-Caption winner. Also, feel free to have an intelligent, informed conversation about race in the comments. We all know that is something the internet is very good at.

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Halloween Create-a-Caption: Zdeno Chara is a Bunny

Time for our first Create-A-Caption. This is where we get lazy and make you, our noble readers, create content for us! Best caption gets a high five and a pair of Brett’s underwear in the mail. Leave your caption in the comments.

What child doesn't like to wake up to being waved to by a 7 foot tall pink bunny?

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How I Will Spend My November Without You

We Tried to Find a Picture of Them Kissing, But We Couldn't

Earlier this week, David Stern announced that the NBA would cancel another 102 games. That is one hundred and two additional games that the What the Hell Is Icing crew will not miss as dearly as we suspected. Bob was a bit more emotional about it than the rest of the guys. Here’s his open letter to David Stern.

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NHL Facial Hair Roundup

Beardsapalooza at What the Hell is Icing

Mutton chops, the Van Dyke, the Hollywood, the Fu Manchu, the Zappa, the Chin Strap, the Soul Patch. Why is facial hair pandering in every sport BESIDES the NHL?  I traversed deep into the forest of beards, and this is what I found.

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Boston Sports: From Underdog to Insufferable in Less Than a Decade

The Bruins Continue to Fall Flat on Their Stupid Faces

SOME will call it a hangover. Some will say, “heavy is the crown.” Some will say, “it is a long season.” Others will say, “seriously, fuck those guys.” Wait, why would anyone say that? This is a franchise that went almost 30 years without a title. Didn’t we all celebrate their triumphant return to the winners’ circle? Well, yes, some of us did. Others of us lined up four shots of whiskey like ducks in preparation for listening to Boston sports fans declare themselves the “Greatest Sports City in History! It took no less than two hours for that headline to appear, but by the time it did, this lucky sports writer was already several sheets to the wind, possibly urinating in a flower pot somewhere, while a continent away, Vancouver burnt to the ground.

So, why would any reasonable sports fan be happy for the absolute travesty that is affecting Boston right now? Why would anyone cheer the decline of a seemingly likable sports franchise like the Bruins? Well, you must understand two things: 1. I am by no means a reasonable sports fan. 2. Boston has become everything they hated a little over a decade ago. They have gone from the lovable underdogs to the insufferable, entitled brats.

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