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Gerbe Gets Boarded, then Molested

After Nathan Gerbe was borded (pretty hard) by Drayson Bowman in the first period, he started getting into it with the Canes. The ref didn’t like it much and pretty forcefully pushed Gerbe into the glass.

Give me...

Give me…



I’m pretty sure NHL refs eat rusty rail spikes for breakfast.

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SOUND OFF: Wingers Gone Wild; Lucic Administers Brutal Blow on Ryan Miller

Milan Lucic delivered a devastating strike to Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres. The blow shown in the video above left Ryan Miller concussed and out indefinitely. The Sabres will have to rely on backup Jhonas Enroth and recently promoted Drew MacIntyre. Lucic only received a minor penalty for the hit, but Sabres fans and others around the league are calling for much more.

  • Should hits like this result in a suspension?
  • Should the NHL institute rules that protect goalies from hits like these, much like the NFL protects Quarterbacks?
  • Was this a “gutless” hit or just an example of hard, tough play?

Weigh in after the break, puckheads. UPDATED 4:00pm EST Continue reading

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based on absolutely nothing

except Gallup Polls

Week Two: Top teams tumble, making me look like an idiot (thanks a lot San Jose).


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