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Taylor Hall Hit On Cal Clutterbuck

Taylor Hall is currently meeting with Judge Dredd (Brendon Shanahan) for knee-on-knee crime. I just found out (literally right this second) that kneeing is a penalty. Whether or not Taylor intended to destroy Cal, this looks like the definition of the penalty. What do you think, suspended for 2?

Good hit? Bad hit? Hard hit. Knee hit.

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NHL Facial Hair Roundup

Beardsapalooza at What the Hell is Icing

Mutton chops, the Van Dyke, the Hollywood, the Fu Manchu, the Zappa, the Chin Strap, the Soul Patch. Why is facial hair pandering in every sport BESIDES the NHL?  I traversed deep into the forest of beards, and this is what I found.

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Top 10 Hockey Names in No Particular Order

Yes, you have your Miroslav Satans and your Eric Daze’s.  These forthcoming names are some lesser known names in the NHL, but ones that should be known for the love of the game.  You might even impress some ladies if you drop a Latendresse or order her a Pekka Rinne from the bar.  Probably not though.

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