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Gerbe Gets Boarded, then Molested

After Nathan Gerbe was borded (pretty hard) by Drayson Bowman in the first period, he started getting into it with the Canes. The ref didn’t like it much and pretty forcefully pushed Gerbe into the glass.

Give me...

Give me…



I’m pretty sure NHL refs eat rusty rail spikes for breakfast.

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Boston Sports: From Underdog to Insufferable in Less Than a Decade

The Bruins Continue to Fall Flat on Their Stupid Faces

SOME will call it a hangover. Some will say, “heavy is the crown.” Some will say, “it is a long season.” Others will say, “seriously, fuck those guys.” Wait, why would anyone say that? This is a franchise that went almost 30 years without a title. Didn’t we all celebrate their triumphant return to the winners’ circle? Well, yes, some of us did. Others of us lined up four shots of whiskey like ducks in preparation for listening to Boston sports fans declare themselves the “Greatest Sports City in History! It took no less than two hours for that headline to appear, but by the time it did, this lucky sports writer was already several sheets to the wind, possibly urinating in a flower pot somewhere, while a continent away, Vancouver burnt to the ground.

So, why would any reasonable sports fan be happy for the absolute travesty that is affecting Boston right now? Why would anyone cheer the decline of a seemingly likable sports franchise like the Bruins? Well, you must understand two things: 1. I am by no means a reasonable sports fan. 2. Boston has become everything they hated a little over a decade ago. They have gone from the lovable underdogs to the insufferable, entitled brats.

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Daily NHL Recap

Some people help their friends... some don't

Did Boston stop sucking?  Did Philadelphia fall apart like a disappointing pancake?  Did this guy’s terrible teammate act as metaphor for why the Blue Jackets can’t do anything right?  


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