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Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

Wait WTHII knows I'm getting canned! When was LA going to tell me!

Will the next coaching move be soon? Another hit related suspension? Sid and Chara out? Keep reading to find out!

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WTHII EXCLUSIVE: According to a medical doctor science professional, Sidney Crosby will miss upwards of 1,000 games due to this latest development. Stay tuned for more information regarding Sid Watch 2.0 as it unfolds.

2.0-Now packed with twice as much speculation.

As any puckhead is undoubtedly already aware, Sidney Crosby will once again be sitting out games. The Penguins announced today that their super-star will not make the road trip to Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Islanders this weekend. Penguins general manager, Ray Shero, said that Crosby was completely fine and showed no problems. The reason he is being kept off the ice: he “wasn’t feeling 100%”. Shero then accepted his award for vaguest-explanation-of-an-injury-to-a-team’s-franchise-player ever (note: this award had been previously held by Bill Belichick for the past 10 years).

In a totally real and in no way fictional interview with the WTHII staff, Crosby said, “I feel good.” He followed it up by saying, “I feel so good, so very very good,” and began to disrobe. Sensing something was amiss, WTHII consulted our staff doctor, who also is totally real and in no way fictional. Dr. Simon Zamboni (who once again is totally a real person that

"Wait, this isn't his head!"

consults us on totally real medical things) told the WTHII staff, “He’s totally messed up. It is my professional opinion that half his brain is just jelly now. Jellification. That is what he is suffering from. That is a real medical term.” Dr. Zamboni then illustrated the point by taking a scoop of grape jelly and plopping it on his desk. “Like that, but less purple. Well, actually, a very similar purple.” When asked how many games Sidney Crosby would miss due to this “jellification” Dr. Zamboni did not mince words. “He will miss 100, maybe even 1,000 games.”

More on this story to come.

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SOUND OFF: Wingers Gone Wild; Lucic Administers Brutal Blow on Ryan Miller

Milan Lucic delivered a devastating strike to Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres. The blow shown in the video above left Ryan Miller concussed and out indefinitely. The Sabres will have to rely on backup Jhonas Enroth and recently promoted Drew MacIntyre. Lucic only received a minor penalty for the hit, but Sabres fans and others around the league are calling for much more.

  • Should hits like this result in a suspension?
  • Should the NHL institute rules that protect goalies from hits like these, much like the NFL protects Quarterbacks?
  • Was this a “gutless” hit or just an example of hard, tough play?

Weigh in after the break, puckheads. UPDATED 4:00pm EST Continue reading

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