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No Matter What Sportscenter Says Tomorrow, This is the Top Play

Patrick Kane passed a laser to Marian Hossa who buried it to secure the OT win for the Blackhawks. The Hawks stay undefeated. ESPN has declared them the Champs for the 2013 season and have resumed seeing how many times they can say, “HARBAUGH” in a 24 hour news day. (Spoiler: it is a lot more than you think.)

That play was so nasty, it is only legal in the deep south.



Meanwhile, from the Blackhawks Instagram (whatever the hell that is), Marian Hossa is setting up for a quick DJ set to celebrate the crucial goal.

Have you guys heard the new Macklemore track? It's sick. Oh, you wan to interview me right NOW?

Have you guys heard the new Macklemore track? It’s sick. Oh, you want to interview me right NOW? I’m BUSY.

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Weekend Recap

One of these things are not like the other Sunday in Ottawa at the All-Star Game

All-Star Break means urgency in the second half will be picking up for teams

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Daily NHL Recap


Access DENIED!

A 7 round shootout?  Read about it and the rest of last night’s action Continue reading
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NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch up on today’s BIGGEST NHL headlines

Will It Happen Tonight?

Columbus looks for their first win of the season, Hossa sits out, and Letang is suspended… all that AND tonight’s games. Continue reading

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5 reasons to love the NHL

The NBA is dead.

Getting old. Wasting time.

At least for this season (and according to Ben Gordon, for next season as well).  Instead of pouring over Lebron, Kobe, and Nash highlights, praying to the Angel of Stern for a shortened season, or arguing with your friends about who would benefit the most from said shortened season, give hockey a shot!  (By the way, obviously the Lakers would benefit the most from a truncated season. They limped into the playoffs, losing 5 of their last 7 regular season games, before totally gassing against Dallas.  All this after losing only 1 game in March. ONE GAME! And it was only by six points… to MIAMI, the Eastern Conference champs!  They were the hottest team in basketball just weeks before the playoffs

started.  Imagine if last year’s Lakers played 20 fewer games. Do you really think that with fresher legs, J.J. Barrea would have been able walk all over them like he was Ashton Kutcher? Of course not. They would have peaked during the playoffs and ran through the Mavs like Marian Hossa runs through, well, everyone. If Pau and Kobe played this year, on a shortened schedule, they would control the NBA.  They’d win championship number 17 causing me, my Celtic-loving father, and everyone in Memphis to promptly light ourselves on fire.  It would be just like the David Robinson Spurs in 1999, a 50 game season favors the old. )– But instead of obsessing on what’s not going to be, get some buddies, find your hockey team spirit guide, and enjoy what promises to be an epic NHL season.

With transcendent players returning from injury, historic franchises being reclaimed, and a league so competitive, nearly every team has a legitimate shot at the playoffs, you shouldn’t need any persuasion.  But if you still do.  Here are five reasons why I’ve already fallen in love with the NHL and why you, my fellow NBA Ex-pat, will do the same.

Continue reading

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