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Just like your mom after a wine tasting, it only takes 8 seconds for the New Jersey Devil’s to let Andrew Ladd score.

Somewhere in heaven, Luke Perry is proud.

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Guy Love Between Flyer’s Giroux and Devil’s Elias

One of the best GIFs from tonight’s action was a bit more tame, some might even say a little adorable. (Don’t tell either of them I called them adorable. I have brittle bones.)

Courtesy of reddit.com/r/hockey, one of the best hockey boards on the bloggonet.

It of course immediately made us think of this:

But seriously, don’t tell them. I bruise from just regular life. I can’t afford a coma.

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Daily NHL Recap

David Clarkson and the Devils delievered a 5-4 buttslam to the Lightning Monday night

One game on Monday night and it was in Tampa. Oh, and the ax finally fell on the Kings coach
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Weekend Recap

Oh, that is rich. Why, yes I WOULD like to watch highlights of my former team winning a title without me.

Did the Guppies finally turn it around? Or did they continue to flounder? Two undefeateds tangle; who was left standing? Those stories and more in your Weekend Recap. 

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Daily NHL Recap


Penguins were all smiles on Thursday, but could they get the win?

A full slate of hockey last night.  Did the Penguins ride the Sid Crosby feel-good tide and get the win?  Did the Jets finally stop turning over the puck?  Did anyone go to the Tampa Bay vs New York Islanders game?  Find out in the daily NHL recap!

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