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WTHII Hostile Takeover of the All Star Game

We Pick the All Stars AND We Sing the National Anthems

As our fives of fans may have noticed, the WTHII crew took a bit of a break for the holidays. Mike Vamosi kept pumping out recaps because he is a robot that knows nothing else. The rest of us? We enjoyed time with our families (robots don’t have families), drinking with old buddies (robots have no need for drinks or joy), or just generally sat around being useless human beings for a few weeks.

Now that we have been thrust back into the real world, we realize a whole lot of hockey has taken place, including, but not limited to, a thrilling Winter Classic. This time of year also means that only a couple days are left for fans to inevitably screw up the All Star voting, as they are known to do in all sports. Fans completely screwing up All Star lineups does not just stop at the NBA and the MLB. The NHL has to get into the fray as well. While the NBA has on more than one occasion had players such as Allen Iverson (who Brett shamelessly voted for since his rookie year) and Yao Ming get starting nods while playing zero minutes in a season, the NHL will more than likely see a Sid Crosby suffering from jelly brain and a Ovi suffering from what we can only assume is skating induced narcolepsy.

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