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No Matter What Sportscenter Says Tomorrow, This is the Top Play

Patrick Kane passed a laser to Marian Hossa who buried it to secure the OT win for the Blackhawks. The Hawks stay undefeated. ESPN has declared them the Champs for the 2013 season and have resumed seeing how many times they can say, “HARBAUGH” in a 24 hour news day. (Spoiler: it is a lot more than you think.)

That play was so nasty, it is only legal in the deep south.



Meanwhile, from the Blackhawks Instagram (whatever the hell that is), Marian Hossa is setting up for a quick DJ set to celebrate the crucial goal.

Have you guys heard the new Macklemore track? It's sick. Oh, you wan to interview me right NOW?

Have you guys heard the new Macklemore track? It’s sick. Oh, you want to interview me right NOW? I’m BUSY.

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Your Hockey Weekend in Pictures

The first weekend of hockey is in the books and it was a good one. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Patrick Kane Scores the first goal of the 2013-2013 Season

5 on 3 means a goal for meeeee!

First Goal of many for Mr. Kane

More highlights after the break!


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Weekend Recap

One of these things are not like the other Sunday in Ottawa at the All-Star Game

All-Star Break means urgency in the second half will be picking up for teams

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NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

Last night the Blackhawks posed for a family photo after their win

Relive the awesome Kane goal from last night, ZAJAC IS BACK! (by the weekend), and captains are wanted in Montreal tonight.  Continue reading
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Daily NHL Recap

This month there will be plenty of ugly sweater parties but Wednesday night in St. Paul wasn't one of them

Plenty of Daniel goals in Ottawa Wednesday night, Jonathan Toews and the Blackhawks fought for leagues best sweater and the Coyotes and Ducks met if your interested.
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NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

Have You Seen THIS Man?

Shane Doan, the Kings’ netminding… and all of tonight’s games. Continue reading

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