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Trouba Scores His First NHL Goal in Win Over Oilers

This 19 year old has has everyone in Manitoba hot and bothered.

Truth though, he has us hot and bothered too.


Thanks for the pass, SUCKERS!

If I didn't have a door on my office, I would be fired immediately.

If I didn’t have a door on my office, I would be fired immediately.

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Your Hockey Weekend in Pictures

The first weekend of hockey is in the books and it was a good one. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Patrick Kane Scores the first goal of the 2013-2013 Season

5 on 3 means a goal for meeeee!

First Goal of many for Mr. Kane

More highlights after the break!


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Hockey is Back. WTHII is Back.

Hockey is back. Finally. We have been waiting a long time, through far too many meetings and negotiations. In the end, it doesn’t matter how fair the deal was, or who was to blame. All we care about right now is that we finally have our new favorite sport back. The WTHII crew has been through a lot in the past two years, both personal (sorry for not being around guys, we really

Welcome back, you magnificent bastard!

are) and of course, going through two lockouts in two years in our two favorite sports. We have done our best to not become jaded and are excited to come back and bring with us a new blogging model. Blodel. Nope, scratch that. Never using the phrase Blodel again.

Here is what you can expect more of throughout this season:

  • More multimedia content. This means more Create-a-Caption, which was a reader favorite. This means more videos, images, soundbites, and whatever else we can dig up that is even tangentally related to the great sport of ice hockey.
  • More original articles.  We realize we aren’t the best at in-depth hockey analysis. We realize we don’t know the history of the league as well as we should. We also realize that you can get that stuff from other blogs run by men much more boring than us. We promise to keep bringing our unique brand of parody and satire that people loved last year. The only thing we’ll change is frequency. You want to hear more from our house doctor, Doctor Zamboni? We’ve got that. You want to read more of our Inside-the-Locker-Room transcripts? Those are coming. You want to know who Claude Giroux would ride on a tandem bike with? We know.
  • More utilizing our Twitter account, @icingbloggers. We know. We know. We have a twitter and we just don’t use it. That is changing. Our Twitter will be just as important to follow as our blog. There will be original content, media heckling, and of course our patented “Drunken Knee Jerk Analysis.” No filter. No editors. Just raw, drunk, WTHII writers, keeping it real, for the kids.
  • More more more. We have a lot on the docket. We have original content that should hit the blog later this week. Keep an eye on our twitter (again, @icingbloggers) to be abreast (huehuehue) of the situation.

Now that we’re done with that, time to watch some hockey!

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Weekend Recap

Was it Patrick Sharp or Patrick Fitzgerald who lifted the Blackhawks to victory Sunday?

The weekend recap is here, and it will make you smarter at the water cooler!

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Knocking on Heaven's Door

With last night’s inspired win against the Bruins, the Jets have moved ahead of Washington in the Southeast and are currently sitting (alone) in second place. Because we’re paranoid that this is going to be the highest the Jets climb, we’re saving this moment for posterity.


NHL Daily Table Setting

Catch Up on Today’s BIGGEST NHL Headlines

This question and more answered next...ok maybe not

Magic pucks, Pens defense, November numbers and the longest named hall of fame ever next

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Create a Caption: Snack Time Edition

Good Eats

This week, we take a closer look at the player feeding procedures at the MTS Centre. Ondřej Pavelec of the Winnipeg Jets prefers to eat his snacks live, much like a T-Rex.

Best caption wins the respect of their peers.

After the break, the winners from last week’s C-a-C: Balloon Boy. Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Ovi sacrifices Bruce Boudreau to the Hockey Gods, the Thanksgiving Showdown lives up to the hype, and all the other action from the long weekend after the break…

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C’mon Son!

This weekend featured Jim Slater, shorthanded, flipping the puck over Chris Pronger (essentially passing to himself) then putting in the goal. I freaked out, because it was the Jets, because it was SHORTHANDED, and because it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my first month as a hockey fan. So, I started thinking about other pass-to-yourself-and-score situations. And Kobe sprang to mind. What do you think, whose do you like better?  Let us know in the comments section.


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